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confident in the world
and excited about your life.


5 Ways to Overcome Your Food Cravings

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Faith Shevlin

Are you sick and tired of struggling with your body, food, or your health?

Are you looking for more energy and enthusiasm for life, yet your body is in the way?

Are you on an endless loop of trying to fix and change yourself?

I am so glad you are here.
I know this journey well.
I am so excited to work with you.

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Faith Shevlin

Faith Shevlin, MS, RDN, HHC
Holistic Wellness Counselor
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
EFT Practitioner

My passion is helping others find their joy. This passion set me onto a path of self-discovery. My experience with nutrition and holistic healing sparked my enthusiasm to dive even deeper into my own emotional and personal growth.

In the process of self-discovery, I learned valuable transformational tools and concepts. The impact these powerful tools had on my own life ignited my determination to master these tools in order to support others in their own transformation toward finding their joy.

I discovered that to experience a truly joyful and fulfilling life, it is important to have meaningful relationships, a rewarding life purpose, healthy emotions, a whole food diet, self-care practices, and a positive attitude. Now as a Holistic Wellness Counselor, this is my focus with my clients. Read More

“When you cultivate the courage to be in full expression of who you truly are, you step into the joyful flow of life.”

“Faith is a place of mystery, where we find the courage to believe in what
we cannot see and the strength to let go of our fear of uncertainty.”


"Prior to working with Faith, I struggled with both binge eating disorder (BED) and multiple digestive problems. I had seen multiple medical doctors, dietitians, and therapists, to no avail.

In fact, I had come to accept my digestive issues as just part of being me. My BED seemed to be getting worse every year.

Then I met Faith through her EFT/Tapping for Weight Loss program, and everything changed.

In the past I have worked with other dietitians and when I set my appointment with Faith, I was expecting more of the same.

But that is not how it played out. Faith's approach to nutrition and health coaching has been a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed. Almost immediately, after following her suggestions, my digestion improved 100% and my BED was almost completely healed.

Faith is incredibly knowledgeable, very inspiring, and very kind and compassionate.

I thoroughly recommend working with Faith if you have any issues around food, nutrition, emotional eating, or digestion."

– Kate, San Diego, CA

“I wanted to thank you for your help and support during our coaching. The changes weren't apparent right away. They were deep within me and emerged gradually into my daily life. Most important is the new confidence I have. I like myself, I like my looks and I like my body! I really do. I noticed the difference when I went shopping for clothes. I felt more accepting of my weight and it was fun to buy new clothes, new shoes and new jewelry. I appreciate your kindness, wisdom, love and support. I especially enjoyed your ability to listen deeply and pick out the important bits to work on. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants real, lasting results!"

– Isabell, San Diego, CA

“Faith is wise beyond her years. She is an excellent and intuitive listener with a pure desire/intention to help each person she works with.

She is great at what she does, having both an extensive background and such natural talents. Having learned through her own personal experiences, she is both loving and courageous.

I have been counseled by many professionals, but few have made a constructive difference is my life. Faith has helped me understand who I am and the actions I have taken throughout my life history. I have been able to work through major life events with her.

Her guidance has allowed me to heal negative emotional/mental manifestations from my physical and spiritual body and life.

She has taught me very simple techniques that have greatly affected who I am and how I live. Faith has taught me to listen to and understand my actions, physical symptoms, and words. By listening, I can identify and meet my needs so that I can be happy.

Faith has changed my life for the better. Not only can I see it, but my friends and family comment on my growth and progress. I am forever grateful for her loving care.”

– Jane W, San Diego, CA

“I find I am no longer finishing the whole bag of chips like I use to. I can have a few and then I am done.

Food no longer has power over me. My food cravings were really messages pointing out to me what areas of my life needed my attention….and for that I am grateful.”

– Wendy B.

I noticed a big change in my level of anxiety around food.  Before I started working with Faith, I was extremely strict with my diet, yet I still wasn't losing any weight.  I paid hardly any attention to how food tasted or how hungry or full I was.  Eating was a job and it was hard work.  I still craved all the "bad food" but would rarely allow myself to eat it. 

Now I eat whatever I want but listen to my body's cues for when I feel hungry and when I am full.

I have gained more confidence and acceptance of my body.

I appreciate what I am able to do and the improvements that I have made in mobility and endurance.  I have also stretched myself to try things on my own that I would not have done before.

Thank you so much for everything. – Ally L.

“Thank you thank you thank you for yesterday!!!!! You are so gifted! Seriously Faith you helped me understand what I wasn't able to for the past months. Love you and all your gifts!"

– Jan K.

"Thank you Faith! I am grateful that you are facilitating as I go through this phase in my life. I feel as if God himself picked you to guide me. Your name says it all to me...Faith in the everlasting present moment."

– Molly G, San Diego, CA

“Faith has such wonderful and razor sharp tools that support me. I feel how much she cares and she is focused on the intention of our session. I left revived and so hopeful!

If you want to get to the core of a negative issue and you want to feel total support in revealing it and healing it then call Faith.

I am so grateful for her."

- Jennifer L, San Diego, CA

“I am now able to recognize whether I am feeling physical or emotional hunger.

When it is emotional, I can now recognize why I am having the craving. I am then able to appropriately address the “why” and I longer indulge in the craving. I feel so in tuned with my body and myself.

My relationship with food is forever changed. Yay!”

– Sara T.

Faith is such an amazing person to work with.  She is intelligent, compassionate and inspirational.  Most of all she is such a powerful and loving soul.

Faith does amazing work and I highly recommend her to anyone going through transformational change.

She will offer you all the support you need, to come out a stronger and brighter spirit​!  Thank you Faith!

– Val R.