Are you confusing positive thinking with positive “avoiding”?

Is positive thinking the answer to everything?  Can one truly create the life of their dreams by simply thinking positive thoughts? 

You may have heard…

  • You are your thoughts.
  • You create more of what you think about.
  • What you focus on expands.

This may all be true.  However, can positive thinking be confused with “positive” avoidance?  

Sometimes, it is just “easier” to think positive when we really don’t want to look at an issue.  Whether it be anger, shame, or grief that we are feeling, when we tell ourselves to just “think positive”, it could be that we are wanting to avoid, or bypass, looking at a part of ourselves that needs healing.  

In a sense, we could be denying the truth of a situation.  We are denying our experience, and our feelings about it.  And that doesn’t feel good does it? Even if you positively think the heck out of it….right? It doesn’t actually work.

If we ignore a wound and take meds to mask the pain, the wound is still there and most likely getting worse.  At some point, you have to look at the wound, clean it out, and treat it so it can heal. Then you move on and forget it.

When to use positive thinking…

  • To shift your perspective on a situation, to change the filter in which you view your life experience.  You are not ignoring the truth of the experience or your feelings about it. You are seeing the challenge as an opportunity that is serving you. 
  • Positive thinking is when you don’t allow negative thinking to take over. Living in a dream world is not going to change anything. You need to face reality and honor your truth, but keep a positive, optimistic outlook on your life.
  • After you have worked through and cleared something dark or painful (an experience or belief), practice positive thinking to anchor in your new outlook.

How to recognize denial or avoidance…

  • When the same issue keeps showing up despite your practice of positive thinking, affirmations, and/or positive mantras, you may be in avoidance.  It keeps showing up because it wants to be acknowledged, felt and let go of. 
  • If you have to post and plaster certain affirmations all over your home, car, at work, etc. there may be deeper work to do to heal the issue.
  • If you are always forcing yourself to “put on a happy face”.

The thoughts won’t change until the emotion is cleared and the belief is changed.  All the affirmations and positive mantras in the world won’t resolve the issue because the source is the belief.  

Changing the beliefs and feeling then releasing the emotions will change the thoughts.  Use positive thinking and affirmations to anchor in the new belief. 

If we choose to see that everything serves us, we can welcome the pain or struggle and embrace the lesson within it. 

It is not that we want to get stuck and wallow in the negativity and self-pity. That is something different and is not useful.  Playing victim or being attached to a story is a self-defeating and self-destructive pattern. 

The goal here is to fully acknowledge our truth, even when it feels dark, to see the opportunity. Then we can do the work to face it, feel it to heal it, and move beyond it.  

When we face our wounds head on, and see the something negative or “ugly” through, we grow.  Our lives can improve as a result of what we learned through the experience.

If we chose to avoid, and try to positively think the issue away, we waste our vital energy in the process.  We don’t get anywhere by doing that. Because it won’t go away. It will always be there, as a thorn in our side. 

When we embrace the thorn, we embrace all of ourselves.  With that acceptance, we can heal and step closer into the life we dream of, our wholeness.  Seeing the value of all challenges brings us closer to peace and joy. 


#042 How to Recode Your Adrenals for Harmony and Well-being with Christa Orecchio

In this episode of IMperfectly Health, I interview my friend and fellow wellness warrior, Christa Orecchio – a clinical and holistic nutritionist and founder of The Whole Journey. She helps people heal from the root cause, using food as their medicine along with a mind-body-spirit approach to improving health. Christa is a bestselling author, TV show host, and is super passionate about helping you heal your adrenals, thyroid, and nervous system in the most holistic way.

Get access to Christa’s FREE MINI COURSE to start shifting this right away. 

In this episode, you are going to hear Christa share expertise and experience around:

  • her own beliefs and stories that were driving her chronic stress patterns and how that lead to creating the adrenal recode approach. 
  • how to know if you are running on stress hormones.
  • how and why most people are addicted to being stressed out.
  • why all dis-ease starts in the nervous system, not the gut.
  • why eating all the right foods does nothing when your cells can properly utilize the nutrients.
  • why most thyroid issues are being wrongly managed
  • her 6 pillar clinical strategy to heal the thyroid, brain, adrenals and nervous system back to harmony.
  • why keto is the worst diet for someone under chronic stress.
  • how to find the sweet spot with exercise that supports you vs. stresses and depletes you.
  • why you must learn to anticipate AND prioritize your own needs which is being counter-cultural.
  • the need for emotional re-patterning to get true results.
  • how common it is for empaths, people pleasers and over-givers to end up in nervous system chaos.
  • some of the common limiting beliefs that drive this pattern.
  • how to start healing this whole pattern! 

Start feeling better now and SIGN UP FOR CHRISTA’s FREE MINI COURSE  

Listen to Christa’s First Time on the Show #022


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#041 Free Yourself from Chronic Stress and Nervous System Dysfunction with Suzanne Gundersen

In this episode of IMperfectly Health, Faith interviews her personal coach Suzanne Gundersen, who is a holistic stress relief mentor, energy tapping expert, and advanced TRE provider. 

Her own early developmental trauma led her to seek holistic approaches that helped her shed layers of dysfunction, drop hundreds of pounds and use of anxiety medication.  Along the journey she uncovered her value to live with self-honor, compassion and grace. She then made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her professional life to helping others transform their stress, and connect with themselves, genuinely and deeply so they live life with real aliveness!   

In this episode, you are going to hear Suzanne share expertise and experience around:

  • her own experience with early trauma, chronic weight and anxiety struggles and how she discovered the path to her authentic self.
  • the importance of our early developmental years and how meeting our primary needs as infants shapes our entire life.
  • how stress plays out in the nervous system; fight, flight or freeze
  • how freeze leads to chronic health issues
  • how my own journey of unfreezing
  • how and why we learn to give up authenticity for attachment
  • the 3 M’s of transforming your limiting patterns.
  • steps to unraveling your survival patterns.
  • importance of addressing the mind/body/energy levels.
  • how and why we attached to our limiting stories and toxic stress patterns.
  • how our intuition is connected to the nervous system.
  • how 50% of what we tell about the past isn’t true.

Website – https://www.transformedconnections.com/ 

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Resources mentioned:

Matt Kahn, Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Robert Smith of Faster EFT 


Connect with Faith at www.faithshevlin.com

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#040 Fab Fertile: Infertility is a symptom with Sarah Clark

In this episode of IMperfectly Health, Faith interviews Sarah Clark, a health and life coach who uses the tools of functional medicine and natural fertility solutions to reverse infertility and help couples create the family they desire. 

She is the author of Fabulously Fertile – Supercharge your Fertility Naturally, Fabulously Fertile Cookbook and Fertility Preparation Program. She is super proud of her Signature Fertility Coaching Program, which includes functional lab testing, supports couples to make diet and lifestyle changes that dramatically improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby!

On her Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast she shares that with functional medicine and natural fertility solutions we can eventually reverse infertility. 

In this episode, you are going to hear Sarah share expertise and experience around:

  • her own experience with infertility, chronic health issues and how she discovered functional health and life coaching after she had her kids
  • why she works with couples and not only the women wanting to get pregnant
  • the importance diet plays in getting pregnant
  • how the gut and fertility are connected
  • what labs she uses to solve the infertility puzzle
  • why it is incredibly important for couples to get support going through this journey
  • the importance of reducing environmental toxin exposure
  • how stress of any kind will halt fertility
  • how she guides her kids in making healthy choices for themselves
  • the common health concerns causes by food intolerances

Website – https://fabfertile.com/ 

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Resources mentioned:Secret Ingredients Documentary 

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2 Ways to Regulate Your Nervous System

I am stopping by today to share a tiny bit about what I have been diving deep into personally this past year, and how my work is becoming more focused in this area…the stress response, health and the nervous system.  While this blog is a little longer than I would like, there is SO much more I want to share about this topic. It was hard to cut it down to what is below…Let me know how it lands with you!

Your nervous system’s ability to handle stress is THE key factor that determines your well-being and health. Each of us has a unique capacity to handle stress based on a few factors; which we won’t get into here (another topic for another day).

Illness and dis-ease often manifests when your body is unable to self-regulate and complete the stress response, therefore leaving your body “stuck” in a state of fight, flight or freeze. Anything incomplete stays…meaning, it gets stored in your body.

Imagine wanting to stand up to someone that is treating you unfairly, but being too afraid to. You have the impulse to lay a boundary and say something, but worry about the consequences. So you stay quiet, move onto the next thing and “let it go”.  While you tell yourself you “let it go”, your body says otherwise. The energy of that impulse to “fight” has nowhere to go and is held within your body. Imagine how much energy gets trapped when this is a repeat experience with a boss or maybe a family member. Then multiply it by all the other stressful situations in your life where you feel you have to suppress your authentic expression.

Over time, stored stress builds up leading to dis-ease (physical or mental) like digestive issues, chronic anxiety, poor immune health, heachaches, chronic fatigue, heart disease and so on.

In a highly overstimulating and triggering world full of stressors, this is everything. One of the first steps to regulation (and building capacity) is to connect with your body and be present to what you are experiencing, without judgment or story. You have to tune into your body in order to sense what your body needs in order to regulate.  

Is your body needing to rest and relax?  Or express and release? (ps – it’s not always about “calming down”)

BEing with your experience is key. Become aware and present to your feelings, the sensations in your body, and your impulses.

Here are 2 of my favorite ways to assist my nervous system in regulating:

1.Lower Belly Breathing:

Breathing quickly and shallowly in and out of the mouth from your chest is what happens when you are stressed, and your fight/flight system (sympathetic nervous system) is activated. The issue is that many people are breathing this way everyday, ALL day long.

Use the following breath pattern to shift your body into your parasympathetic NS (rest/digest/heal mode) and connect deeper within.

Start in a comfortable position, sitting up or laying down.  Place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath.  Breathe normally and notice what your hands do.

Is one moving more than the other? Which one? Are you breathing out of your nose or mouth?

Next start to intentionally take medium breaths from your lower belly, in and out of your nose.   You want the hand on your belly and rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale. Breathe deeply into your lower belly, expanding this area 360 degrees, including your whole pelvis region.

Take 10 medium-to-full breaths and see how you feel.  To further calm your nervous system, extend your exhales to be longer than your inhales. Ex. inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 6-8.

2. Get on All Fours:

Get in a table top position on the floor, like in yoga. Ensure you have a soft surface below you. Feel your hands, knees and feet connected to the ground below you and how they are supporting your body in this position.  Allow your neck to soften and your head to hang heavy. Do this slowly allowing your head and neck to relax as much as possible.

Feel the tension release to the floor. Now do the same with your belly. Allow it to completely relax.  The key here is to move very slowly. Focus on how this feels in your body. Notice your breath.

Feel free to stay here as long as you like.   Follow any other organic movements or stretches your body is asking for – sway side-to-side, roll your neck or hips, push back into a child’s pose, dip one shoulder than the other.

There is no way you can do this wrong. Simply feel, breath and let your body move as it wishes. Make sound if you feel the urge. If emotion comes up, let it move you. You could even practice embodying a four-legged animal you resonate with and tap into your primal instincts. Feel free to put on some music to enhance the experience.

(note: if you have any neck issues, be cautious and avoid any movements that could cause pain or injury)

If you feel called to try one of these, go slow.  The nervous system is delicate and responds best to tiny baby steps. This is not something to push yourself in. The whole point is to slow yourself down and be present.

PS: I am not an expert on the nervous system (working on it!).  It has been a huge area of interest for me personally and professionally over the last year, and I have to share.  Here are some of the experts whose work I have been following:

  • Irene Lyon, Nervous System Specialist
  • Suzanne Gunderzen of Transformed Connections
  • Dr. Gabor Mate, author of When the Body Says No
  • EastWest Healing; Jeanne and Josh Rubin
  • Kimberly Johnson of MagaMama

#039 Drop the Rules and Live the Free Life with Karen Diaz, RD

In this episode of IMperfectly Health, I interview fellow Dietitian, Karen Diaz – a registered dietitian certified in intuitive eating who helps women overcome eating and body image struggles. She earned her bachelor of science in dietetics from James Madison University and completed her dietetic internship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Cornell Campus. After graduating, Karen gained experience in pediatrics, food allergies, and weight management both at UMDNJ University Hospital and the research department at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She also worked at the Renfrew Center. Currently she assists women through her signature program, Break Free, which you can learn more about at TheFreeLife.com

In this episode, you are going to hear Karen share expertise and experience around:

  • her own experience growing up around addiction and food/body challenges
  • how most women to some degree struggle with food and their body
  • all she learned about the roots of food/body challenges by running an eating disorder clinic
  • how personal boundaries and being assertive are connected to emotional eating
  • How women are starving to be seen and heard
  • the themes of control, envy and not good enough are operating under the food/body struggle
  • how she guides women to become intuitive eaters with confidence and ease
  • how self trust and being your own authority in life is KEY to end the food obsession
  • why your mind needs rest just like your body
  • her insights on diet culture and the body positivity movement
  • how you can harness your “inner rebel” in a positive way towards something other than food
  • how young girls learn to struggle with food and their body by watching the women in their lives struggle as well
  • how she teaches her kids to have a healthy relationship with food.
  • the power of creating a family manifesto

Karen’s Website – http://thefreelife.com/

Karen’s Podcast – http://thefreelife.com/podcast/

Karen’s Book – Within, http://thefreelife.com/shop/ 

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Resources mentioned:

HAES – healthy at every size – https://www.sizediversityandhealth.org/content.asp?id=19 

Intuitive Eating Book – Intuitive Eating

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#038 Breathe Your Way to Your BEST Life with Cory Ostroot and Jessica Waala

In this episode of IMperfectly Health, I interview my new friends and breathwork teachers Jessica Waala, RYT and Cory Ostroot, ND. Also known as The Healing Couple, Jessica and Cory are Breathwork teachers, healers, and coaches. Their mission is to guide busy professionals and entrepreneurs to connect to their mind, body, and soul, so that together we can heal and transform the world. This power couple is deeply committed to inspiring millions of lives through their life-changing events, coaching, and private healing sessions.

In this episode, you are going to hear Cory and Jessica share their expertise and experience around:

  • their own life struggles and areas of transformation leading to the work they offer the world today
  • how and why breathwork is their greatest tool for transformation and healing
  • how has it changed each of their lives
  • the experiences their clients and students have during a session or circle
  • the benefits reported by clients that have sessions regularly
  • what is happening in the body to produce these amazing results
  • how breathwork has helped their relationship as a couple
  • other modalities, teachers, tools that have been key on their journey’s to fullest expression
  • what they have learned through their relationship as a couple. 
  • what they see as the some of the main root causes of human suffering, disease, and destruction, and what to do about it

Learn more about The Healing Couple Here 

In-person and virtual breath circles Here 

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Resources mentioned in the show:

The Art of Living Foundation

Nihue rao Retreats in Peru

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#037 When Cancer Rocks Your World, and Awakens You to Life with Jillian Ritter


In this episode, I interview my inspiring and sweet friend Jillian Ritter on how she chose an empowering path facing Cancer 3 years ago, and how it transformed her body image, mindset, beliefs about life (and herself), and her career. Jill approaches life newly now that she is on the other side. 
Jill’s passion for personal wellness came to light when she received this very serious health diagnosis of Cancer. Once the initial shock subsided, she knew she wanted to empower herself to heal.
In addition to her never-ending research, she created an integrative team to support herself — a naturopathic doctor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, therapist, a nutritionist, a mindfulness teacher. 
When working with integrative health professionals to create their online presence, Jill’s background comes into play both as a content creator, a website designer, a patient, and passionate researcher. She understands the ins-and-outs of the digital land, can view content from the perspective of the patient, and genuinely believe in what she creates with her clients. Jill says going through the cancer journey gave her the courage to start a business combing all of her passions. Learn more HERE 
In this episode, you are going to hear Jill share her experience around:
  • how she transcended a devastating diagnosis and healed her body by doing all in her power to address Cancer holistically
  • the experience with cancer emotionally and physically
  • how she chose an integrative treatment approach that felt right to her
  • what she learned about the mind-body connection through her healing exploration
  • how Cancer healed her body image and changed the way she lives her life.
  • the many lessons she learned about life, her body and herself.
  • how to continues to find balance between work and play, healing and living, doing and being.
  • resources that were pivotal along the way
Learn more about Jill Here
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Resources mentioned in the show:
Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds
By Dr. Kelly A. Turner, PhD
Mind over Medicine: Scientific Proof that You can Heal Yourself
By Lissa Rankin, MD
A Meditation to help you with Chemo, Healthy Journeys by Belleruth Naparstek 
Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster by Peggy Huddleston
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#036 Sick of Being Sick: Mystery Illness, Cancer and Following Your Heart with Brenda Walding


In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, I interview Brenda Walding – a Holistic Wellness & Transformation Coach who specializes in empowering women to overcome chronic illness, reconnect with their authentic self, and live a life that they truly love. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, TaoFlow yoga teacher, HeartMath Certified Coach, author, and co-founded NativePath- a holistic nutrition and lifestyle company. Brenda just published her first book, Sick of Being Sick: The Women’s Guide to Conquering Chronic Illness. 
Get her book for FREE, HERE.
Brenda is passionate about natural healing and spreading the message that we all hold within us the power to heal and be well.
In this episode, you are going to hear Brenda share her expertise and experience around:
  • finding her true self after a 10 year journey with mystery illness and then cancer
  • the divine lessons she learned during a very painful period of her life
  • how she let go of perfectionism and started following the wisdom of her heart
  • the healing power of being seen and held in women’s circles
  • what it looks like to actually let go and let God
  • the opportunity the lies in chronic illness
  • the powerful of Heart Math
  • why women must embrace and remember their feminine, soft, open and divine nature
  • how suppression leads to illness, physical challenges
  • why being led by a higher vision is crucial for healing
  • a sneak peak into the amazing road map Brenda created to help women powerfully navigate illness.
Contact Brenda at risetoradiance@gmail.com
Connect with Brenda on Facebook
Resources Mentioned:
5 Rhythms Dance
Connect with Faith at www.imperfectlyhealthypodcast.com 
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#036 The Brain Flip Weight Loss Method with David Zappasodi

I am thrilled to welcome my friend David Zappasodi to the show today.  I have known David for 3 years now. I was first introduced to David when I saw him speak at a yoga and spiritual center here in san diego.  He was promoting his new book at the time, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind. I was able to chat with him at that event and connected with where he was at on his journey in the wellness industry. He and I were both being called to expand and evolve the traditional weight loss approach.
David Zappasodi is the founder of Empowered Health Now. He is a thought leader, international bestselling author, and transformational weight loss expert who has helped countless individuals to break through the weight loss struggle and drastically change their lives for the better. 
David is a super down-to-earth guy, with a huge heart.  He is very passionate about his work, and committed to making a huge impact in people’s  lives
In this episode, you are going to hear David share:
  • his radical methods for helping people find freedom from the weight/food struggle fast and forever.
  • the dramatic results he gets for clients in a matter of days
  • the difference between the thinking and sensory brain
  • why willpower and discipline don’t work and never will
  • the importance of safety when it comes to weight loss
  • how changing a habit doesn’t need to take 21 or 30 days
  • what a brain flip is and how it changes your life very fast
  • what is really going on with self-sabotage
  • why cravings are like bullies
  • how to have a FREE breakthrough session with David to see if his work it the missing piece for you
Book your FREE Breakthrough Session with David HERE
Learn more about David Here
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