New Age to Jesus

I used to see Jesus as an ascended master, and one of various “spirit guides” to tune into for guidance. Ascended masters are thought of as humans that became wise/enlightened above most people while on earth, who paid off their karmic debt and have mastered ascension…that now live in the spirit realm…. This is common belief in the new age (aka false light deception).

The real Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, saved me out of the new age fall of 2020. Praise the Lord!  I had been in the new age (aka personal development/self-help/metaphysical/esoteric studies and practices) for almost 10 years and had no idea I was being deceived. Jesus snatched me out unexpectedly and has revealed the truth to me. He is the Son of God, the creator of the universe. He was God in the flesh. He walked this earth in a body as fully human and fully God. No other human that has ever existed was also God. He stands apart/above, and cannot be compared to anyone else that has ever walked this earth. He is pure. He is holy. He is the name above all names.

Jesus is the only one that was God in human form. Everything He did was in obedience to God the Father. Jesus is perfect love embodied, and lived a sinless life. Every human is a sinner by nature, imperfect by nature. He was sent by God, the Father, to live a perfect, sinless life, to pay the debt and bear the punishment for the sins and wickedness of the whole world. He cancelled all debt against humanity by dying on the cross willingly. It was the ultimate act of His love for you and me. He promises those that believe in Him are forgiven of their sins and are granted eternal life. You cannot do anything to earn it.  This is a free gift He offers to all. This is the good news! He is the way, the truth and the life. He loves you! And He is coming back SOON!

There is a lot more of my story to share, which I will as the Lord leads. In the meantime, I highly recommend reading these two books to understand how the Lord is saving as many new agers as possible right now before His return to earth.

  1. Deceived No More by Doreen Virtue
  2. The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelson (this book is out of print but you can find it used or in pdf online)