#047 Choosing Wholeness: accessing divinity in your body with Carly Rose

In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith interviews Carly Rose, an activation coach, mentor and teacher.

Carly Rose brings 30 years experience in working with individuals to create their Best Life ever.  She has years of training in body mind practices, breath work practices, meditation, grounding and inner child work. 

Her specialty is to assist others into stepping into Wholeness by releasing the obstacles of the past.  Go from stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and fear and into Clarity, Wisdom, Power, and a life of Ease.  

So whether you are looking for a Renewed Sense of Self, Health and Well-being, or Honoring and Including yourself in the Equation of Your Life, Carly will support you in creating a Whole New You from the inside out and designing the Life that your Heart and Soul are calling you to.

In this episode, you are going to hear Carly share:

  • her own journey of recovering from self help exhaustion and claiming her wholeness
  • an overview of the human bio-field flowing optimally and how it gets blocked
  • the energetics of the nervous system
  • how easy it is for people on a personal development and healing path to get stuck on the self help hamster wheel, going nowhere fast
  • how to activate your own life force energy
  • who you are at your core essence
  • how to use breath work to clear energetic blocks in your body
  • what true awakening is
  • how to claim your wholeness no matter what is going on for you
  • the importance of the heart and womb connection

Visual of BioEnergetics Toric Field by Dr. Sue Morter 

WATCH the interview Here Connect with Carly:

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