Empowered Self-Care with EO’s

You have four parts of yourself that are all connected: the physical body, the mind (your beliefs and thought patterns), your emotions, and your spirit. This is a foundational truth in my life, and in working with my clients.

I have had a pretty long journey with my own health and well-being. Along my journey, I was led to explore many holistic and alternative avenues of healing. Through it all, I came to really learn and understand how our physical body, emotions, mind, and spiritual selves all influence each other. In order to live life feeling your best, all four parts have to be supported and nurtured.

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The Archetypes of Cravings (part 2)

 Part 2 of the Archetypes of Cravings…

Are you single and craving a romantic relationship?

Are you burning the candle at both ends and lacking downtime and relaxation?

Do you feel unsatisfied with your career and/or life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may relate to one or more of the craving archetypes below.

CHOCOLATE: Rebecca The Romantic A romantic is an idealist who’s beliefs and attitudes center around love. They are characterized by a preoccupation with love and/or by the idealizing of love. Their ideas and hopes may not be realistic. Romantics are usually sensitive and affectionate. They feel deeply and attach a lot of meaning and significance to those feelings.

Emotional Significance of Chocolate:

  • Craving for love, intimacy, and/or romance.
  • A need for calm.
  • To lift one’s mood, a “feel-good” boost.
  • Looking for energy, passion, and/or excitement.
  • To avoid feeling sadness and grief.

Romantics reach for something chocolate when the romance and excitement of love is missing.

SALTY: Frank The Farmer – A farmer is a person who cultivates the soil as a way of life.

Emotional Significance of Salty:

  • A desire for grounding, stability, and/or security.
  • A lack of flow and/or trust in our lives.
  • A need for down time and relaxation.
  • A craving for more movement.
  • Unable to release emotions and/or holding onto emotions.
  • Stress relief.
  • Desire to replenish what’s been lost.

The Farmer may crave salty food when they need to feel more grounded and less stressed.

FATTY/FRIED: Gabby The Gossip – The gossip is associated with passing along unconfirmed information about others that may be exaggerations.

Emotional Significance of Fatty Foods:

  • Fills the emptiness when feeling unsatisfied and/or unfulfilled.
  • Yearning for the richness of life.
  • A lack of inspiration in life.
  • Lacking self-esteem and/or self-worth.
  • Attempting to feel important.
  • Desire to heal, old emotional wounds.

The Gossip eats fatty foods trying to find richness in their life. If they don’t feel they are important or worthy, they might fill up their emptiness with fatty foods.

SPICY: Dante The Daredevil Daredevils are dashing heroes that perform feats of acrobatics. They are reckless and enjoy engaging in dangerous activities. Daredevils are thrill-seekers and adventurers.

Emotional Significance of Spicy:

  • A craving and drive for intensity and excitement.
  • Searching for passion.
  • Response to boredom.
  • Wanting more adventure.
  • Need to “spice up” our life.

Daredevils may crave spicy foods when needing adventure, excitement, and passion in their lives.

By taking a deeper look into your cravings, the emotional issues can be revealed and healed. Discovering the emotional needs behind a food craving is a key step in breaking the pattern and finding a healthier way to satisfy the need.


The Archetypes of Cravings (part 1)

Your food cravings are messages from your body letting you know something needs attention.  It may be giving you a clue about an unmet need.  You may be using certain foods to avoid or escape pain.  Food may be an attempt to manage emotional stress.

There are emotional significances to your cravings.  Perhaps you turn to food because…

  • you are missing support and connection from others.
  • you have a hard time making time for yourself.
  • you live a go-go-go, do-do-do lifestyle and feel overly stressed.

Read through the 4 craving archetypes below to further explore why you crave what you crave.

DAIRY: Millie The Mother Mother’s love is unconditional. She is nurturing, nourishing, and caring. She is the symbol of life-giving. A mother is devoted and protective of her children.

Emotional Significance of Dairy:

  • A craving for comfort.
  • A yearning for being nurtured.
  • Needing soothing.
  • Looking for safety and security.
  • To ease worry and anxiety.
  • Desire for life to be a little easier.

The Mother may crave dairy when they are in need of nurturing, compassion, and comfort. Mothers need nurturing as well.

BREAD/CARBS: Felicity The Friend and Companion A friend is loyal, supportive, and comforting. They offer encouragement, companionship, and   love. They nourish our lives. Friends add richness and a depth to our lives that one cannot achieve on their own.

Emotional Significance of Bread:

  • An attempt to soothe tension, stress, and/or anxiety.
  • Wanting to fill an inner emptiness.
  • Looking for calm and comfort; reassurance.
  • A desire to slow down.
  • Calming and relaxing.

One will attempt to fulfill a need for friendship and companionship with bread. A craving for bread may emerge when one is missing the encouragement, support, and assurance a friend would provide.

SWEETS: Donna The Dreamer – Dreamers live in a world of imagination, ideas, and concepts that are beyond the ordinary mind. They spend a great deal of time in their heads and imagination. Many dreamers are introverted and very independent.

Emotional Significance of Sweets:

  • A craving for sweetness in life.
  • A lack of joy in life.
  • A lack of self-care and “me” time.
  • Wanting a reward, seeking pleasure.
  • Unable to process sadness and grief.
  • Needing a boost of energy.
  • Don’t feel “sweet” enough.

Dreamers crave sweets when they think their dreams may not become a reality. They may have big dreams and wishes for what they want their lives to look like. They reach for sweets when they are missing the joy, pleasure, and sweetness that are only in their imaginations.

CRUNCHY: Charles The Critic A critic is a person who expresses an unfavorable opinion of something; a person who judges, evaluates, and/or criticizes.

Emotional Significance of Crunchy/Crispy:

  • An attempt to relieve anger, irritation, anxiety, and frustration.
  • Holding back something we want to express; resentment, anger, regret
  • A need to hide and avoid conflict.
  • Stress relief.
  • Impatience and/or dissatisfaction.
  • Criticism – of self, from others, and/or towards others.

The Critic goes for crunchy foods to relieve their frustration, anger, and anxiety.

Which craving archetype do you relate to?

I will cover 4 more in my next blog (chocolate, salty, fatty, spicy).  Stay Tuned!