Nourishing Your Chakras with Food

Everything is made up of energy; the world and our bodies, as well as the food we eat. We eat to nourish our organs and cells so that our body functions optimally. The physical body is where we live. It makes us human and our experience of life is greatly affected by how we fuel it.

The food we eat has an energy frequency that influences the vibration of the body, It either enhances or depletes energy from the chakras. In looking at food, there are various factors that determine the energetic affect a particular food or meal will have on the body.

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The Drama of Struggle

Whether the struggle be food, body, money, relationships…the drama of the struggle is draining.

See it, understand how the story was “serving you”, then drop it.

I had to spend almost a grand $ on my car this week. In the past. I would have gotten all upset, bent out of shape over it, and thrown myself a pity party.

This time, no. I decided to not let it gut me, throw me off. Wasting my energy there would be disempowering.

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