Your Body Hears You

Sadly, body bashing and shaming is the norm for most women.  It is so automatic, it often goes unnoticed.  The judgments. The guilt. The disgust. The jealousy. The comparison.  It feels awful. 

The journey from body hatred and disconnection, to body acceptance and eventual love, is just that.  A journey. There is no certain timeline in which to follow.  There is no “right” amount of time it should take.  It is highly individual.  It is messy.  There are many up’s and down’s on the path.

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You and Your Body

Our bodies are probably the greatest source of struggle, shame and pain in most women’s lives.

There are many reasons for this.

  • It is societal and cultural standards. We “need” to look a certain way to be ok, wanted, desired, successful, happy, and so on.
  • It is the false premise that our worth is based on how we look. There are many beliefs we have that support this.
  • It is the creation of an identity around our body’s appearance.
  • It is fear, suppression and shame around our sensuality and sexual expression.
  • It is our disconnection from our innate wisdom and the reliance on our minds to run our lives.

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Your Body Knows…

 Disconnected.  Lack of trust.  Looking for answers externally.  Abandonment. Doubt. Struggle. 

Exhaustion.  Overwhelm.  Confusion. Working harder. Doing more. Survival. Deprivation.

This is the story so many women have.  This is the experience of life many women have.

It was mine (and sometimes still is)

There is another way.  There is a way of being that will change your experience of life forever.

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The Holy Shift

IMG_2037By the Grace of the divine, I said YES to The Holy Shift weekend led by the powerhouse goddess Heather Lindemenn (www.heatherlindemenn.com). And OMG, it out of this world. Literally, it was the most sacred journey I have ever had. My experience of life is forever changed.

Heather led us to the depths of our souls, our hearts, our pain, our suffering. We were held in the safest, most loving container. We called on our courage to express our deepest, most intimate desires. And we fully surrendered our wounds, our hearts, and our humanness to the divine.

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