Your cycle is your guide to living, eating, and loving.

Your body’s wisdom is profound.  She is speaking to you in the most basic primal ways.  In a world where we are bombarded with external stimulation, it is easy to forget the magic our own body has for us.  When we allow ourselves to step back and tune-in, she is there with the wisdom and guidance we long for. Use this guide as a way to honor your body’s natural rhythm.  Follow her lead on how to eat, move, work, play, rest, and love.cycle Continue reading “Your cycle is your guide to living, eating, and loving.”


Why something you don’t want persists.

Consider this…

When there is something in your life that won’t go away, despite your greatest efforts, could it be that this thing is serving you in some way?

Of course this is not conscious.  This “thing” is something you are working hard at getting rid of.  I get it.  It sounds crazy to think there would be any part of you that could be benefitting from it.  Right?

What if there were messages in this “thing” that you weren’t able to see on your own?


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