IMperfectly Healthy: 005 Being a Health Detective with Kimball Willson




In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith interviews her good friend and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner Kimball Willson.  Kimball shares her own journey in finding the root causes of her own health challenges, that led to her passion for helping others achieve vibrant health.

What you will learn from Kimball in this episode is:

– the difference between functional and conventional lab testing

– the importance of looking at the body as a whole

– what question to keep asking until you get to the root cause

– how most often the answer lies in the gut

– why exercise is making you gain weight

– the real causes of excess weight

– why self-care is a key piece to your health journey

Connect with Kimball at www.kwhealthcoaching.com


When your body speaks: Acne…

Break-outs. Acne. Irritation.  Embarrassment.  Disgust.  Panic. There is so much more going on beneath the surface of acne and break-out’s.

In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith shares a candid conversation her and Jenna Hillier have about their journey’s with acne.  They discuss the lessons, messages, perspectives, growth, and opportunities in having acne, or any skin issue.


What you will learn:

·    what common messages skin issues reveal

·    the opportunity for growth and loving in having acne

·    the brilliance of the body in getting your attention

·    how we are all human and in this life together

·    how your own love is the most powerful healer of all

Resources mentioned:

·    Self-care cards by Cheryl Richardson

·    When the Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro


Connect with Jenna at www.jennahillier.com



IMperfectly Healthy

I am so excited to share I have started my own podcast! The growth and learning has been amazing already. I am embracing the imperfect process of this creation one step at a time. Check it out below!

IMperfectly Healthy: where the psychology, science and spirituality of health and wholeness meet. Guests on this show share their own stories, solutions and wisdom related to all levels of health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are many doorways to transformation. From body image, emotional eating, the mind-body connection and chronic illness, to relationships, purpose and fulfillment, IMperfectly Healthy helps you fully embrace who you are, trust the journey of life, and hold your humanness in the arms of love. 

We are all here enrolled in earth school, each with a unique major(s), and ultimately the same core curriculum: coming home to our divine worth and wholeness.

Tune in HERE.


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