#034 Clearing Trauma, Family Systems Healing and Divine Feminine Archetypes with Hanna Bier


Welcome back to the IMperfectly Healthy podcast.  I took a little hiatus this summer due to some travel and other projects.  I am happy to be back creating episodes and have some amazing guests lined up for the rest of 2018.  So you can expect new episodes each month moving forward =)

Today’s guest is Hanna Bier – a Soulful Success Coach, Energy Healer and Family Constellation Therapist. Hanna helps creative women heal deeply and create the wealth, love and success they desire. She is an expert at resolving family and childhood trauma and uses clairvoyant gifts to support her clients in becoming confident, radiant and powerful women who know exactly how to make the future they envision a reality!

Hanna runs the podcast “Mystics on a Mission Show” and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Hanna is such a bright light and free spirit.  Her story of transcending a very painful past to now living a joyful, easeful, fun and fulfilling life is incredible.

In this episode, you are going to hear Hanna share her expertise and experience around:

  • how she transcended a VERY painful and traumatic past to now living a life of joy, ease, flow and soulful purpose.
  • the importance of healing Family dynamics for finding health, fulfillment and happiness
  • what Family Constellation Therapy is PLUS a guided experience during the interview that you can continue to use to heal your own family system
  • common imbalances that happen to disrupt a family system
  • how trauma gets passed on generation to generation and lives in your genes
  • why you may find yourself replaying the same defeating pattern despite having already “worked on it”
  • using the Divine Goddess Archetypes for transformation and full self expression

Learn more about Hanna at www.hannabier.com

Special announcement!!! As I mentioned in the beginning of the show, I was part of an amazing project/creation this summer I wanted to share with you. I am thrilled to be 1 of 19 teachers in the upcoming School of Inner Beauty starting SOON! (9/15/18) SIB is a 19 week immersive women’s wellness program that will transform your body, mind, and spirit to turn on your inner radiance. If you feel there is a healthy, balanced, radiant woman living inside of you, longing to be set completely free, go check out HERE.

See you next time! =)