#038 Breathe Your Way to Your BEST Life with Cory Ostroot and Jessica Waala

In this episode of IMperfectly Health, I interview my new friends and breathwork teachers Jessica Waala, RYT and Cory Ostroot, ND. Also known as The Healing Couple, Jessica and Cory are Breathwork teachers, healers, and coaches. Their mission is to guide busy professionals and entrepreneurs to connect to their mind, body, and soul, so that together we can heal and transform the world. This power couple is deeply committed to inspiring millions of lives through their life-changing events, coaching, and private healing sessions.

In this episode, you are going to hear Cory and Jessica share their expertise and experience around:

  • their own life struggles and areas of transformation leading to the work they offer the world today
  • how and why breathwork is their greatest tool for transformation and healing
  • how has it changed each of their lives
  • the experiences their clients and students have during a session or circle
  • the benefits reported by clients that have sessions regularly
  • what is happening in the body to produce these amazing results
  • how breathwork has helped their relationship as a couple
  • other modalities, teachers, tools that have been key on their journey’s to fullest expression
  • what they have learned through their relationship as a couple. 
  • what they see as the some of the main root causes of human suffering, disease, and destruction, and what to do about it

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Resources mentioned in the show:

The Art of Living Foundation

Nihue rao Retreats in Peru

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