#048 Connecting and Communicating with the Spirit World w/ Kelly Fisher, Socal Medium

In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith interviews Kelly Fisher of SoCal Medium, a certified medium and psychic located in beautiful San Diego, California. She has sensed the spirit world for as long as she can remember.  Kelly has read for people all over the country to help them connect to the spirit realm. Her spiritual gifts allow her to connect to clients’ loved ones who have crossed over. She brings through healing messages and evidence of existence on the other side. Kelly is able to convey clear messages from the spirit world through her readings.

In this episode, you are going to hear Kelly share:

  • her own journey of discovering, embracing and mastering her intuitive gifts.
  • what it takes to develop and hone psychic abilities
  • how personal growth and healing is crucial for intuitives
  • the importance of mentors to assist you on the path of becoming intuitive
  • how the work and evolution is never complete
  • intuition is a combo of gift and skill
  • how your personal development is crucial for honing the clarity of your intuition
  • how Spirit tries to communicate with us
  • how she speaks to her kids about Spirit and death
  • how to start connecting to your own guidance

Connect with Kelly: