3 Ways to Celebrate You

Why do you do the things you do everyday? What motivates the choices you make in your day-to-day life?

Do you do them because you “should”, or because you are on a constant path to “fix and change” yourself.  It is so easy to get stuck in the mindset of, “when I _____, ______, and ______, then I will feel good about myself, then I will have made it.”

This need to fix and change can often be what is fueling our choices around health and well-being.

Can you relate?

What if you engaged in these daily habits because they feel good to you? Because they fill your cup today. Because they are an expression of the love and respect you have for yourself.

Doesn’t that feel so much better?!

Feel into these 3 lifestyle practices below.  Which ones can you see filling your cup?

Lifestyle Practices to Celebrate You:

1. Go within.

Make it a priority to connect with You. There is no better way to celebrate yourself than by simply being with yourself.  (ok, maybe it sounds simple, yet it isn’t always easy for many of you). It is absolutely crucial though.

Spend time alone.  Reflect. Acknowledge what is going well.  Make a list of what counts.  Connect to your body, your heart, your breath.  Feel what is going on inside of you.  Honor your path.  Call in support.  Listen for guidance.  Just Be.

What this could look like:
Dedicate 5-30 minutes a day to spend alone.  In bed, on the couch, at the beach, or wherever feels like home to you. During this time you may chose to:  Journal.  Place your hand over your heart and breathe.  Meditate.  Make a gratitude list.  Set an intention.  Visualize something you want to manifest. This can be a way to start your day, end your day, both, or broken up into small segments throughout the day.  Make it your own.

2. Movement.

Your body has a natural need to move.  Sitting at a desk all day or being a regular couch potato, is not serving you.  Get your blood pumping regularly every single day.

Movement has incredible benefits for both your physical and emotional/mental well-being.  It boosts your immune system and supports lymphatic flow.  Movement is vital for heart health and metabolism.  Emotionally, movement can be an intentional release method.  Stagnant energy can be cleared through physical movements while also elevating your “feel good” hormones. The list goes on…

You don’t need a lot of time.  Choose practices that work with your lifestyle. And most importantly, choose ones that feel good to you.  That is key.

What this could look like: 
Go for a walk (before work, at lunch, before/after dinner). Stand up and stretch (roll your shoulders back, reach up to the sky, twist side to side). Put on some music and dance.  Hit the gym.  Take a yoga or workout class.  Join a sports team. Start your morning with a yoga flow. Do short interval drills.

Be creative in adding movement into your daily life.  

3. Say “no” and “yes”.

Saying “yes” when you want to say “no”, and vice versa, can be a huge source of physical and mental/emotional depletion.

Someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, but you say “yes” anyway.  There are a number of reasons you may do this.  Maybe you value others needs more than your own.  Or maybe you experience guilt in turning down others requests.  Sound familiar?

When you are invited to something fun and/or pleasurable, and you really want to go, how do you respond?  Maybe you start mentally reviewing your to-do list, and you automatically reply, “No, I can’t” or “No, I shouldn’t”. Feeling chronically overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities can create a pattern of turning down such invitations. This turns your life into all work, no play.

Can you see yourself in either of these?  Maybe a little of both perhaps?

Celebrating you is honoring your honest “yes” and your honest “no”.  Building the muscle of saying “yes” and “no” truthfully is absolutely life-changing.  It may feel uncomfortable and awkward at first, but I promise it is a crucial piece to thriving health and well-being.

What this could look like: Get clear on what your truth is when a request or invitation is being presented to you. Notice your initial response. Then consider both responses and observed how your mind wants to take over.  Consider the motivations, justifications, and possible outcomes. Pull back from the mental chatter, and tune into what feels best for you. Choose that one.  Note: This takes practice.  

I hope you found something here you can start practicing in your own daily life. Let me know how it goes!

Stay tuned for 3 more ways to Celebrate You coming soon!

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