Hello and welcome! My name is Faith Shevlin. I am a mind-body coach, holistic nutritionist and spiritual/intuitive mentor. By combining my expertise in nutrition and health, with personal growth and life coaching, I guide my clients through their own journey back to their deepest self. I love using, sharing and teaching others self-healing, self-connection and self-regulation tools that support their well-being on all levels!  
I find incredible joy and fulfillment in guiding others to take ownership of their own health and well-being so that they can live in full expression of who they really are.
My mission is to help women embrace who they are, access and trust the wisdom within themselves and connect with their own divinity.
I am the creator and host of a podcast, IMperfectly Healthy: where the psychology, science and spirituality of health and wholeness meet.  

My Story

I started emotional eating, and having health problems, when I was very young.  As a sensitive middle child, with an active and wild older brother and a rambunctious, self-expressed little sister, I learned to be invisible.  I was extremely sensitive and introverted. I didn’t know how to ask for what I needed or how to express my emotions. Hiding was my to-go strategy. I was pretty much afraid of everything and terrified of rejection.  I became a master at blending it and always being on step ahead to protect myself. I became obsessed with food to cope with my emotions and anxiety as a young girl.  
My body and weight become an issue for me when I was in sixth grade. I was the first girl in my class to develop curves. This was incredibly embarrassing for me.  Being as shy as I was, the attention I started getting made me so uncomfortable and embarrassed.
This battle within myself, over food and my body, really took over my life (secretly).  It was something that consumed me every day, every meal really.  I was constantly obsessing over what I was eating and not eating, how many calories I was burning a day, the size of my clothes, comparing myself to other girls bodies, over-exercising, and mentally bashing what I would see in the mirror.
This went on throughout high school. I chose to pursue studying nutrition in college.  I thought, if I could figure this food and weight thing out, then I would finally be happy and feel good about myself. I continued to struggle with food and my body while I got my bachelors and masters in food and nutrition.  I then went on to become a Registered Dietitian while this inner struggle continued to unfold.
My education did not help my emotional eating or body shame.  I continued the on-and-off-again pattern of dieting. I would put myself on really rigid eating plans and force myself to work out hard. Then I fall off and indulge in all the foods I “wasn’t allowed” to eat. I was in a constant search outside of myself for the answers to my “problems”.  
My body was my excuse to not fully engage in life. I can’t have fun until I lose weight. I can’t be confident until I lose weight.  I can’t be myself until I lose weight.  I can’t speak up until I lose weight. I can’t be sensual until I lose weight. I can’t have a healthy, loving relationship until I lose weight.  I can’t pursue my dream job until I lose weight…..
This internal shit show (for lack of a better word), manifested in a number of physical problems. Throughout my 20’s and early 30’s I suffered with digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, acne, chronic infections, autoimmune illness and chronic fatigue. While at the time, I thought these health issues were to blame for my weight and body issues, when in fact it was the other way around.  My relationship with food and my body (and really deep down, myself) had created these physical challenges. My body was speaking to me.  Instead of listening, I shamed, judged and battled with her.
In my search to find solutions to my health and body issues, I was introduced to holistic health, energy medicine and spiritual healing.  I started learning how our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves are one.  These components must all be addressed and honored to truly be in optimal health and well-being.
I spent the next several years delving into personal growth, spirituality, the mind-body connection and metaphysics. I had to unravel the misunderstandings I had about my childhood, myself, others and life. I became a certified holistic health coach and worked with a number of amazing teachers in these areas. In has been in these studies, that everything has shifted for me. The journey is never over and I am humbled how life is always offering the next level of growth for our soul’s unique path.
I am so grateful for the journey I have been on, because it has taught me soooo much about myself, life and the human experience. I use all I have learned along the way to help women break through all of this MUCH faster than I did.  

You Are Not Alone.

I too have suffered from a variety of health and emotional issues in my life. My health and spiritual journey is what led me to my passion for holistic health and wellness counseling. I have struggled and conquered digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, food intolerances, hormonal imbalances and emotional eating. Emotionally I have faced negative thought patterns, social anxiety, self-limiting beliefs and body hatred. I view these challenges as a blessing in disguise. It has led me to my life’s purpose, to help others conquer their challenges, and to step into full expression of who they are. I understand how you feel because I have felt that way too. My experiences have helped me become a better teacher and mentor. I continue to live this journey which is why I’m confident I can help you too.

  • BS in Food and Nutrition
  • MS in Food and Nutrition
  • Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Energy Tapping Practitioner
  • Breathwork Facilitator
  • Mind-Body Mentor
  • Certified in HeartMath
  • Medical Intuitive in Training