Being a holistic nutrition and wellness counselor, Faith pulls from her extensive education in nutrition, and combines it with the principles of functional health coaching and her years of personal experience.  She guides and supports clients in making food and lifestyle choices that support their bodies, hearts and minds.  Faith believes nourishment is a foundation for creating lasting vibrant health and joy. While food provides us with one form of nutrition, Faith believes to experience a truly fulfilling life one must also possess meaningful relationships, a rewarding life purpose, healthy emotions, self care practices, and a strong faith. Faith integrates all aspects of wellness into her clients’ programs.   Client sessions are centered on the unique needs of the individual.  Faith is passionate about supporting clients around metabolism, chronic illness, nervous system health, and the psychology of eating. 

Faith is a great example to her clients, practicing what she preaches by eating a whole food diet, being active, honoring time for rest and relaxation, staying connected to God, and maintaining healthy relationships. She also acknowledges that achieving such balance is very challenging given the fast paced world we live in.  She views all challenges as opportunities for growth and is grateful for her journey thus far. 


Bachelors Degree in Food and Nutrition

Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition

Registered Dietitian

Holistic Health Counselor