Being on a Diet vs. Food as Medicine

There is a HUGE difference between being on a “diet” and using food as medicine.  Big huge difference.

When I say using food as medicine, I mean following certain guidelines with food as a way to heal a health condition, improve your overall health and well-being, or restore balance in your body.  This typically means taking certain foods out of your regular diet, and adding in new foods on purpose.  This is much different than being on a “diet”.

It is so important to have a loving mindset and intention around the way you eat. You want to create one that supports your body, your purpose, your spirit, and your life.

So what is the difference?

Being on a “Diet”:

  • feels restrictive
  • is full of “should, can’t, must”
  • focuses on what you can’t eat
  • feels like punishment
  • is a means to fix and change yourself
  • leaves no wiggle room
  • bypasses your inner guidance, freedom to chose, and self-trust
  • is very stressful
  • makes you want to rebel
  • feels just plain awful!

Food as Medicine:

  • provides natural healing and nourishment
  • takes out foods that are out of alignment with your health goals
  • is loving and respectful towards your body and self
  • feels empowering and supportive
  • is a form of self-care and self-love
  • focuses on giving your body what it needs and deserves to thrive
  • creates a loving and trusting partnership between you and your body
  • is taking ownership of your body, your health, and your life

For example, I had struggled with food for my whole life.  I have been on a million “diets” in the past.  And I experienced all of what I listed above when on them.  After years of inner work, I have arrived at a place where I have freedom from the very strict rules and restrictions of “dieting”.  I do however, chose to eat in a certain way.  I chose to stay pretty clear of dairy, gluten, corn, alcohol, sugar and soy.  Not because I am on a restrictive diet, but because those foods don’t support my health.  And, they do not make me feel good when I consume them.  Small amounts here and there I do ok with.

So now, I experience the way I eat (which does shift and change at times AND is not perfect by any means!) as described above, using food as medicine.

I have had some recent health issues that have surfaced.  In order to support my body in healing, I am feeling into doing a 28-day healing cleanse created by the Medical Medium.  I am being very intentional about allowing my body to make the call on this.  It hasn’t been a “hell yes” yet.

If I chose to do it, I will go into it with a very clear intention and mindset.  This type of program is far from a “diet”.  It truly is food as medicine.  I believe the effectiveness and success of a program like this, is highly dependent on the intention and mindset created prior to beginning it.

My invitation to you is to create your own mindset around how you chose to eat.  Let it be empowering, nurturing, supportive, and healing.

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