Breaking the Overeating Cycle

A food craving can be a pointer indicating there is something in your lives that needs attention. There are various emotional issues hiding beneath food cravings. Stress, fear, anger, insecurity, or frustration are a few of the possible causes. A craving may also be an attempt to fulfill an unmet need such as fun, comfort, and/or love.

In other words, Food can serve as a temporary solution, an attempt to feel something you are missing (security, calm, joy), or to escape something you don’t want to feel (anger, sadness, anxiety).

You are not alone in this.  I promise.  I have been there, along with many, many others.

What if you let go of the shame and guilt around food and over-indulging. What if you believed the cravings and indulgence are really great lessons and tools.  And instead, you got curious.

Indulging in your cravings starts with a trigger. So you need to look at those triggers.  It is important to explore the situations that trigger your cravings.

So something triggers a belief or thought –>  lead to emotions –> that lead to the craving –> results in indulging or overeating.

A trigger might be a memory, an emotion, or a need not being fulfilled. (or something missing in your life.)

Maybe you have cravings at night. The trigger could be coming home and being alone. Maybe you want a relationship and that loneliness gets triggered coming home after work to an empty house. You may believe you are always going to be alone, or will never find your true love….that brings up sadness, and most likely a craving for chocolate.

For you, it may be having a really busy, non-stop work day. You get home after a long stressful day at work and are exhausted. You didn’t have a second for yourself. You may be craving “me time” and comfort so you could crave something like ice cream that provides the sweet and dairy. The sweet makes  life seem sweeter, and the dairy provides the feeling of being soothed, or taken care of.

We all have different triggers.

By being the detective of your food cravings, you can determine what emotion or need is the trigger.

Healing begins with an awareness of your actions and an understanding of the triggers that lead to the action. It is not about increasing your will power or being more disciplined. It is time to give up the fight. That love/hate relationship with food is not working anymore.

Breaking the overeating cycle starts with slowing down.  It begins by getting curious. This is a process of self-discovery.

Why do I want to eat this right now?

What is going on in me that makes me want to binge?

What emotion am I resisting?

What need isn’t being met?

What are you avoiding feeling?

What are you holding in that you want to say?

What are you looking for the food to provide you with?

This is where your journey starts, inner inquiry.

With the willingness to look within and do the work, plus a good dose of courage, you can create a new way of eating and relating to food.

This is the work I love.

Support and guidance are crucial to navigating your road to food freedom.  Email me at or visit my website to learn more about working me. You don’t have to do this alone.

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