Conscious eating

What does being conscious mean?

  • Non-judgmental awareness
  • Being present to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations
  • Observing your patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting
  • Encompasses both internal and external environments
  • Invites balance, acceptance and choice into one’s life

Conscious eating is:

  • Checking in with your hunger and where it is coming from before you eat. Is it really thirst, stress, or emotions that are making you feel hungry?
  • Taking the time to slow down and relax before beginning to eat. Metabolism and digestion is optimal when the body and mind is in a relaxed state.
  • Bringing all your senses to the table and experiencing every single bite. Satisfy both belly and brain hunger. Digestion and metabolism begin in the mind. The brain must experience the meal for you to feel satisfied.
  • Breaking the habitual impulse to eat by stepping back and observing yourself. Check in and see what is going on within before reaching for something to eat.
  • Choosing foods both nourishing to your body and enjoyable to eat.
  • Having a balanced perspective of food as both a fuel source as well as pleasure.
  • Taking small bites and chewing well.
  • Sitting down to eat and being conscious of your posture.
  • Planning for regular meals and snacks each day.
  • Eating until you are satisfied or 80% full.
  • Practicing gratitude for the food you eat, how it fuels your body, and for the experience.
  • Appreciating all the elements and efforts needed to provide us with food; the earth, rain, sun, air, and farmers. This awareness demonstrates the interconnectedness of all living things.

A conscious eater is calm, centered, and aware. Eating mindfully creates a happy and healthy body. By following the guidelines above, your nervous, endocrine, and digestive system will function harmoniously. You will absorb nutrients more efficiently and burn more calories. Your body will fully circulate oxygen and nutrient rich blood. Eating can become a pleasurable experience. The result of conscious eating is that you will feel more alive and energized.


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