Eating Awareness

To make positive changes around food, it is important we first discover who we are as eaters. By becoming the observer of ourselves, we can gain valuable insights about our eating habits and choices.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. This is meant for your own self-discovery.

Let’s first look at Food Mentality.  Explore the following questions.

  • Is food a guilty pleasure for you?
  • What does food represent to you? (love, comfort, reward, the enemy, fuel, pleasure….)?
  • Is there a lot of “should-ing” and “should not-ing” about food?
  • Were there rules in your family growing up about food?
  • What role did food play in your family growing up?
  • What rules do you have around food now?
  • Do you avoid a list of forbidden foods?
  • How often do you think and/or stress about food and your weight?

Awareness and acknowledgement are the first steps in healing our relationship with food.

Our relationship with food can offer amazing opportunities for transformation and grLight Bulb in Appleowth.  Instead of fighting it and making yourself wrong, can you see the lessons and gifts being offered to you?  What could they be? How may your relationship with food be a mirror of your relationship with life?

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