Empowered Self-Care with EO’s

You have four parts of yourself that are all connected: the physical body, the mind (your beliefs and thought patterns), your emotions, and your spirit. This is a foundational truth in my life, and in working with my clients.

I have had a pretty long journey with my own health and well-being. Along my journey, I was led to explore many holistic and alternative avenues of healing. Through it all, I came to really learn and understand how our physical body, emotions, mind, and spiritual selves all influence each other. In order to live life feeling your best, all four parts have to be supported and nurtured.

Essential oils can support these four aspects: your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Being so well-rounded, essential oils have been a powerful compliment to my lifestyle that has really taken my self-care to a new level. Using essential oils is empowered self-care. Benefits I have experienced include:

  • increased energy – incredible I have to say
  • better quality sleep (therefore needing less)
  • digestive improvements – best my digestion has ever been
  • improvements in skin and dental health
  • better management of emotions like fear, anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm
  • supportive of my spiritual connection and practice

Here are 5 of my must-have oil blends and how I use them: Calming Blend: The Oil of Forgiveness. Benefits:  Relaxing, calming, improves sleep, eases stress and anxiety, supports release of negative emotions, and smells amazing!

  • 4 drops in diffuser at night.
  • A drop on back of neck and behind ears.
  • Inhale from the bottle as needed to feel calm and at ease.
  • Use as a daily perfume.

Grounding Blend: The Oil of Grounding Benefits: eases anxiety and stress, promotes feeling grounded, supports emotional balance, mood stability, back and joint pain, supports personal responsibility and living in the now.

  • Dilute and massage into bottoms of feet.
  • Massage a drop on neck.
  • Dilute and massage on the lower back/adrenals.
  • Diffuse along with serenity every night.

Metabolic Blend: The Oil of Inner Beauty Benefits:  appetite suppressant, cellulite, overeating, weight loss, support release of emotion contributing to excess weight, encourages self-acceptance and a more positive self-image.

  • 5 drops in 16 ounces of water and drink between meals.
  • Dilute and massage over areas of concern.
  • Apply on wrists and bottoms of feet, diluted.

Protective Blend: The Oil of Protection Benefits: supports the immune system, strengthens inner self and boundaries with others

  • Dilute and apply to bottoms of feet.
  • Dilute and massage into armpits, stomach, throat.
  • Diffuse to clean air of germs.
  • Use as a natural disinfectant in the home.
  • Use on guard products including toothpaste, cleaner concentrate, hand soap.

Digestive Blend: The Oil of Digestion Benefits: supports healthy digestive function, assists in relieving overwhelm in life, supports ability to digest all aspects of life

  • Dilute and massage over belly.
  • Dilute and massage digestive reflex points on the feet.
  • Take internally, 1 drop in 4 or more ounces of a beverage.

email me at faith@faithshevlin.com to find out the only brand of oils I use and how to get them.

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