My essential oil routine

I am so in love with  essential oils.  People have been asking me how I use them, so here are a handful of ways I use them.

I use the metabolic blend or lemon in my water daily. It is great in supporting detox.  Metabolic blend supports digestion and metabolism, helps blood sugar, curbs cravings and appetite, and increased energy.

I put a drop of peppermint or citrus blend in the shower before I turn on the water.  It is a great way to wake up feeling refreshed and optimistic.

I use the calming blend everyday on my neck and wrists, as well as before bed.  It supports a deep sleep.  I use it as perfume because It smells amazing. It also helps with anxiety and emotional stress.

I put the grounding blend on the bottoms of my feet (smells like Christmas).

I use the frankincense  and melaluca on my face and skin.

I use protective blend (on my throat or feet, in water, or gargle with) when I feel a cold coming on, although haven’t felt that lately.

I use the citrus, lemon, or protective blend for cleaning. I put a drop in the dish washer and laundry. I also use it with water to clean the bathroom and kitchen.  Works awesome!!

I feel like I am just getting started.  There are sooo many ways to use the oils.  Next on my list are:  making my own toothpaste, cooking with them, and getting a diffuser.

Email me at if you want more info and/or want to learn how to get oils of your own.

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