Struggling with food and weight is a doorway to wholeness

Our struggle with weight and emotional eating is rooted in our emotional body and belief systems. Extra physical weight shows up as a result of stuck emotions, negative beliefs, and stress. Weight is a symptom of a disturbance in our energy system.

Holding onto unwanted weight indicates there are stuck negative emotions and beliefs operating in us. We manifest the extra weight and use food to serve a purpose subconsciously.

Emotional eating is a coping mechanism used to distract or numb oneself from life, because in that moment, life doesn’t feel so good. It is an attempt to use food as a means to fulfill an unmet need or to escape from an uncomfortable feeling that arises. We eat in response to the energetic disturbance caused by suppressed emotional pain and self-defeating beliefs.

Our struggle with weight and our relationship with food is a message guiding us to take a look within ourselves. It is a calling to explore the parts of our souls and hearts that need healing. It is an invitation to uncover the emotional and mental pain that is not serving our highest good.

Losing weight and achieving a healthy relationship with food requires a journey and willingness to dig deep into our emotions and beliefs systems. When the energy and emotional body is cleared and cleaned up, the body will let go of the physical weight and a peaceful relationship with food will emerge.

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