Say Yes in the Face of Fear: Live Your Purpose, Pave Your Own Path



In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith interviews Danielle Blum, CEO of World Nativ. World Nativ is a growing global community of  innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs collaborating and sharing knowledge. Through their Business training programs, Masterminds, and Workshops they encourage bold ideas, deep connections, and adventure.

You are going to hear Danielle share about the amazing community she has created, as well as really get to know who she is, what lights her up, and the adventure she went on to get to where she is today.  Her story is inspiring!

She offers powerful wisdom on: 

  • following your own intuition and curiosity
  • tuning into the wisdom in your body
  • how to handle fear when it has you by the neck
  • being committed to a dream
  • paving your own unique path by following your feelings
  • why you need community for your health and well-being
  • how entrepreneurship and personal development go hand-in-hand

 Watch the show below –

Connect with Danielle at www.worldnativ.com and https://www.facebook.com/worldnativ/


Why Your Relationship to Your Illness is the Cure

Are you struggling with chronic health issues?

Do you feel like you are going round and round and getting nowhere?

Are you sick and tired of having your body hold you back?

Then this is for YOU!

In this episode of Own Your Body ~ The Loving Path Series, I interview Jessica Flanigan, clinical nutritionist, spiritual counselor, and author of The Loving Diet on her revolutionary approach towards healing autoimmune disease.
Jessica shares her wisdom on:
  • how illness is a vehicle for transformation
  • why love is the most powerful medicine of all
  • the important role trust plays in the journey
  • what you can do now to find peace and joy in the face of disease.
This is a profound conversation!!