IMperfectly Healthy: 005 Being a Health Detective with Kimball Willson




In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith interviews her good friend and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner Kimball Willson.  Kimball shares her own journey in finding the root causes of her own health challenges, that led to her passion for helping others achieve vibrant health.

What you will learn from Kimball in this episode is:

– the difference between functional and conventional lab testing

– the importance of looking at the body as a whole

– what question to keep asking until you get to the root cause

– how most often the answer lies in the gut

– why exercise is making you gain weight

– the real causes of excess weight

– why self-care is a key piece to your health journey

Connect with Kimball at www.kwhealthcoaching.com


3 Ways to Celebrate You

Why do you do the things you do everyday? What motivates the choices you make in your day-to-day life?

Do you do them because you “should”, or because you are on a constant path to “fix and change” yourself.  It is so easy to get stuck in the mindset of, “when I _____, ______, and ______, then I will feel good about myself, then I will have made it.”

This need to fix and change can often be what is fueling our choices around health and well-being.

Can you relate?

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Nourishing Your Chakras with Food

Everything is made up of energy; the world and our bodies, as well as the food we eat. We eat to nourish our organs and cells so that our body functions optimally. The physical body is where we live. It makes us human and our experience of life is greatly affected by how we fuel it.

The food we eat has an energy frequency that influences the vibration of the body, It either enhances or depletes energy from the chakras. In looking at food, there are various factors that determine the energetic affect a particular food or meal will have on the body.

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5 Simple Ways to Cleanse Daily

Our bodies are amazing.  They are designed to maintain great health.  They are built to handle a certain level of toxic exposure.  The problem is, we now live in a world where our toxic load threshold has been surpassed.  We come into contact with tens of thousands of toxins everyday from the air, water, food, and home and body care products. So, it now takes extra effort to support our body’s ability to cleanse and eliminate toxins.  Here are 5 simple ways to help your body keep up:
1. Move your body. Movement increases circulation which supports lymphatic flow and assists in the elimination of toxins. There are many ways to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

  • Exercise – all forms
  • Inversions – yoga moves such as shoulder stand, headstand, and legs up against the wall
  • Jump – either in an exercise class or on a trampoline
  • Getting a massage works too.

2. Hydrate. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day.

  • Start your day with 16 ounces of warm water with lemon.
  • Have a cup of detox tea in the afternoon or before bed.  Look for dandelion, ginger, burdock, turmeric, cilantro, milk thistle, and licorice.
  • Add a tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to a cup of water before meals. ACV is a great detox and helps alkalize the body which has many, many benefits.
  • Drink pure spring water. Add any of Doterra’s citrus oils for serious detox support.

3. Get your greens.  Green Juice.  Salads. Smoothies. Dehydrated. Whatever works for you.  Just get them it.

  • Green Juice – combine a variety of greens with lemon, ginger, and an apple
  • Have greens at most meals, raw or cooked.
  • Take a greens supplement.  I love Terragreens by Doterra and Vitamineral Greens by Healthforce.

4. Take a bath. Combine the following:

  • Epsom Salts (2-3 cups): draws toxins out through the skin and replenishes magnesium
  • Baking Soda (1/2 cup): naturally alkalizing substance helps remove toxins
  • Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils (a few drops): geranium, lavender, lemongrass, and juniper berry from Doterra possess powerful agents aiding in detoxification.

5. Bulk up with fiber. Get your bowels moving. It is really, really important. Fiber also helps absorb and eliminate toxins.

  • root vegetables, apples, pears, legumes, berries, zucchini, quinoa, oats
  • healthy fats – avocado, coconut oil, ghee, chia seeds

These are all very simple healthy habits anyone can start right away. Which 2-3 from the list can you add to your routine this week? After you have those down, add 2 – 3 more.

To meet your 2015 health and wellness goals, you may be needing to kick things up a notch.

Let me ask you this…
Have you been feeling sluggish, foggy, bloated, and/or heavy?

Do you want more energy and to stop craving foods that taste good then make you feel awful?  
Do you want clearer skin, better sleep, and a revved up metabolism?

I know that you are ready to feel good about your food choices, to feel confident in your body, and excited about your life…. Am I right?

Great! I thought so.  Because I have a solution for you…

Find out about my Healthy You: Cleanse & Restore Program by clicking HERE.
This program addresses both sides of the cleansing equation: cleaning out the junk (stored toxins) and refueling with the good (quality nourishment).


Exercise Mindset

For many, many years, I forced myself to exercise.  It was often punishment for eating this or that.  Or I thought if I didn’t exercise, I would gain a million pounds.  There was a whole lot of “shoulding” regarding working out, and then judgment when I missed a workout.

I was ignoring my own body’s wisdom with this unhealthy relationship and pattern with exercise.  After years of this, I found myself in adrenal fatigue with major hormonal imbalances…which by the way, only tipped the scale in the wrong direction! Seriously, forcing myself to work out was actually making me gain weight.

The thing is, when the body is under stress (which mine was), over-exercising causes even more stress. This impacts our hormones and metabolism in a way that makes the body hold onto, and even gain, weight.

Fast forward to now….

I am now able to listen to my body.  I now honor what it needs.  I also have intention and purpose when I exercise.  I choose forms of exercise that feel good.   I choose exercise that I enjoy.  I ask my body what it wants, and it responds.  Sometimes it is an intense interval workout.  Sometimes it is a walk outside.  Sometimes it is a yoga class.  The key is listening.

So my intention and purpose is making choices that feel good and honoring what my body is asking for (not my mind). It is never force or punishment.  It is never a “should” or fueled by guilt.

Exercise can also be a healthy form of release.  You can intentionally let go of fears, anxiety, and/or anger through movement.

The intention and motivation behind exercise impacts how our bodies respond.

I see so many women struggling with this.  I used to be one of them.

What would it be like to truly honor and respect your body?  To listen to it? To give it what it really needs? Do you think it would start responding differently?


Less sleep, more energy? How so?

Over the last couple months, I have noticed I am sleeping less yet have more energy.  I have been thinking….what has changed?

I have been thinking long and hard wanting to figure it out.  What I have come to realize, is that the only thing that has changed is I have started using essential oils and supplements regularly.  That is it!

It was hard to believe at first.  I was a total skeptic about essential oils when I first started.  Yet I have to say that is the only thing that has changed.  My diet has stayed the same.  My exercise has stayed the same.  I haven’t added anything else to my daily routine.

I have gotten feedback from clients that they too are getting the same results.

So here is what I attribute my more energy/need less sleep to:

I alternate between putting lemon and a metabolic blend in my water every day. (now adding to warm water since it is freezing out!)

I massage my feet with grounding blend before bed.  I also put a drop of calming blend on my palms, breathe it in, and rub in on my neck.

I use Protective blend and Frankincense as needed.

This is pretty exciting right!

I am not claiming oils to be a “magical pill” in any way. They have been a highly effective addition to my healthy lifestyle (that includes a clean whole food diet, exercise I enjoy, continual person growth work, self-care, and healthy relationships)….with very clear and noticeable results.

Email me at faith@faithshevlin.com for more info on how to get a wholesale account so you can get oils into your life at a 25% discount.


Oils that boost your mood

When you are feeling down, unmotivated, or doubtful…

When you are stressed out, overwhelmed, and afraid…

When you are tired and wired, feeling defeated, and can’t turn your brain off…

Oils can help! Essential oils can assist in diffusing stress/anxiety, lifting our moods, and finding more peace. EO’s also serve as a support for emotional work.


Invigorating Blend combines the powerful essences of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine with a hint of Vanilla to form this unique and harmonious blend. Diffused or worn topically, this invigorating blend will uplift and make anyone’s day a little brighter.


  • Put 15 drops in a 16-ounce bottle and spray to help cleanse counter tops.
  • Diffuse to help uplift mood.
  • Put 1 drop on your wrist, and rub both wrists together, for a great everyday perfume.
  • Add 2-3 drops to your homemade dryer balls to add a refreshing aroma to your laundry.

Joyful Blend is the perfect blend for those moments when you need to be revitalized. This exciting blend provides an invigorating combination of essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your energy. Joyful blend combines the uplifting and euphoric floral scents of Lavandin, Lavender, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, and Osmanthus, Tangerine, Elemi, and Lemon Myrtle to create a unique blend that promotes a positive mood and energized mind and body.

Primary Benefits:

  • Elevated mood and increases vitality
  • Energizing and refreshing aroma


  • Diffuse to promote feelings of self-worth, while also helping to lessen feelings of sadness and anxiety.
  • Diffuse  in the mornings before waking kids to help start their day with a positive, uplifted mood.
  • Rub  essential oil over your heart, temples, or wrists for an almost immediate mood booster.
  • After a long, stressful day, take a bath with a few drops of Elevation to help relieve anxiety and restore the mind and body.

The warm, woody aroma of Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and well-being. This blend combines Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil to offer an enticing fragrance that promotes tranquility and a sense of balance. Spruce, one of the oils in Grounding Blend, was used by Native Americans for medicinal and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body. Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile can soothe sore muscles and joints, promotes circulation, and relax the body, while Frankincense supports cellular health and overall well-being.

Primary Benefits:

  • Promotes whole-body relaxation
  • Soothes sore muscles and joints
  • Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance


  • Begin your day by putting it on the bottom of  your feet to lessen stress throughout the day.
  • Grounding blend is a great oil blend to use during a  massage.
  • Feeling anxious? Apply grounding blend to your wrists or neck to help with nerves.
  • Diffuse in your car during road trips to create a calming, soothing environment.

Calming Blend essential oil blend calms the mind, relaxes the body, and soothes the soul, providing a safe haven from life’s daily stressors. The essential oils is this must-have blend were meticulously chosen to lessen tension, calm emotions, and leave a peaceful feeling. Calming blend is the perfect blend to diffuse at bedtime for restful night’s sleep, to calm a restless baby or child, or to help reduce the anxiety and stress so many of us feel. Calming blend combines the soothing scents of Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang with the warming aromas of Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean to create a prized essential oil blend that every home, family, and individual needs.

Primary Benefits:

  • Creates a perfect escape with its calming, renewing fragrance
  • Promotes relaxation and restful sleep
  • Diffuses into a subtle aroma, ideal for aromatic benefits
  • Lessens tension and calms emotions


  • Apply to bottoms of feet at bedtime to promote restful sleep.
  • Add 2-3 drops into a warm bath to create a peaceful, renewing aroma.
  • Diffuse to help promote relaxation and decrease stress.

Email me at faith@faithshevlin.com for more info on how to get a wholesale account so you can get oils into your life at a 25% discount.


My essential oil routine

I am so in love with  essential oils.  People have been asking me how I use them, so here are a handful of ways I use them.

I use the metabolic blend or lemon in my water daily. It is great in supporting detox.  Metabolic blend supports digestion and metabolism, helps blood sugar, curbs cravings and appetite, and increased energy.

I put a drop of peppermint or citrus blend in the shower before I turn on the water.  It is a great way to wake up feeling refreshed and optimistic.

I use the calming blend everyday on my neck and wrists, as well as before bed.  It supports a deep sleep.  I use it as perfume because It smells amazing. It also helps with anxiety and emotional stress.

I put the grounding blend on the bottoms of my feet (smells like Christmas).

I use the frankincense  and melaluca on my face and skin.

I use protective blend (on my throat or feet, in water, or gargle with) when I feel a cold coming on, although haven’t felt that lately.

I use the citrus, lemon, or protective blend for cleaning. I put a drop in the dish washer and laundry. I also use it with water to clean the bathroom and kitchen.  Works awesome!!

I feel like I am just getting started.  There are sooo many ways to use the oils.  Next on my list are:  making my own toothpaste, cooking with them, and getting a diffuser.

Email me at faith@faithshevlin.com if you want more info and/or want to learn how to get oils of your own.


Gluten free? what is the deal?

I am sure you have noticed everywhere you go you see more and more gluten free products on the shelves and hear of more people going gluten free. So let me break down this whole gluten free buzz for you…..

Gluten is the major protein found in wheat, barley and rye. It is thought that 70-80% of people have some degree of an intolerance to gluten, manifesting in various ways. The reaction varies significantly from person to person. Health complaints such as brain fog, skin disorders, stubborn weight, belly fat, fatigue, anemia, ADD, headaches, sinus congestion, digestive upset, achy joints and even mood disorders can all be a result of a gluten intolerance.

All of these health issues are signs/symptoms of an immune response triggered by gluten ingestion. When there is an intolerance, gluten causes inflammation in the gut leading to an immune reaction against gluten. So the body starts to fight against the gluten because it is recognized as something foreign. The problem is that the protein in gluten (gliadin) looks similar to the proteins in our body’s organs. What can then happen is the antibodies developed to fight gluten start causing immune reactions against other tissues in the body that have similar molecular structures. So the body starts fighting its own tissues thinking it’s gluten proteins because they look so similar structurally. This cascade can lead to the development of autoimmune disorders as the immune system starts to affect other organs such as the pancreas, thyroid, heart, joints, brain etc.

With severe intolerances and celiac disease, gluten gradually erodes the cells in the small intestine causing disruptions in the lining leading to a leaky gi tract over time if undiagnosed. Yes I mean leaky as in allowing foreign material and bacteria into circulation…yes it’s scary! This damage prohibits the body from absorbing nutrients from food because digestion is so compromised leading to major deficiencies and malnutrition. This combo of toxicity and deficiency will always manifest in disease.

Gluten contains opioid-like protein causing gluten to be addictive. No wonder people can’t give up their bread and cookies! They are addicted. And everyone knows the sluggish feeling after a large pasta or carb meal right? Well the opiod-like protein in gluten causes that sedative (aka brain fog, food coma) affect.

The ‘Our grandparents ate this’ argument doesn’t hold good any more since we’re now consuming new strains of wheat. Unlike ancient wheat varieties, “modern” wheat has higher gluten content. The wheat we are eating now has been genetically altered so much that the crop we eat today can’t be compared to the wheat eaten even 50 years ago. It has been extensively mutated and our bodies are not genetically adapted to these changes that have taken place in agriculture.

As you can see I love to hate on gluten but you can see why right? According to Dr. Mark Hyman, most people have some degree of gluten sensitivity yet only 1% are diagnosed. Gluten sensitivity can be the root cause of over 50 different diseases/ health conditions. Remember, it doesn’t have to be GI (gastrointestinal) related, you don’t even need to have GI symptoms. From mood/pysch disorders to neurological, cardiac and endocrine, gluten can be the missing cause behind so many disease and conditions.

If you are questioning if gluten could be an issue for you, get tested. Cyrex lab is the best and most comprehensive lab. Talk to your doctor, although many are not up-to-date on this. I strongly encourage doing a gluten free trial either way.

So where do you find gluten? bread, pasta, pizza, cake, cookies, crackers, wraps, bagels, cereal, or anything made with wheat, barley, rye, spelt, bulgar, kamut, bran, couscous, oats (if contaminated in manufacturing), durum, semolina, triticale, malt, hydrolyzed plant/vegetable protein and more hidden sources in processed foods! check out www.celiac.com for a more detailed list

Gluten free options: products made from the following – brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, potato, corn, oats (specified as gluten free). There are more than enough gluten free alternatives and products out there. Companies are clearly labeling their products as gluten free now so alot of the guess work has been taken out! Phew!

Take-home message: If you are suffering from any health condition and have yet to find a solution, give it a shot! Go gluten free for 3-4 weeks and see how you feel. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the thought of taking this on yourself, contact me! I am happy to guide you through the process of achieving optimal health and vibrance!


The #1 thing driving your food choices

Do you struggle with making healthy food choices a priority?  If so, could you benefit from a food mindset shift? (Mindset = a fixed mental attitude.) Our food mindset largely impacts our food choices.  Having an awareness of our mindset around food is a great way to explore our relationship with food and discover what is driving our food choices. If you gave your mindset around food a voice, what would it say? An unhealthy food mindset may say…

  • Food is the enemy.
  • All food makes me fat/gain weight.
  • Food is a source of struggle.
  • I don’t have time to eat healthy.
  • Eating healthy takes too much work.
  • Food is my reward.
  • Food is my solution to stress.
  • Eating healthy is boring and unsatisfying.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with food

Do any of these ring true for you?  Maybe you have one of your own that has come up? Is your food mindset in alignment with supporting you living a healthy and fulfilling life? If not, you CAN transform your unhealthy food mindset into a healthy one.  Try on some of the healthier mindsets from the list below, or create your own.

A healthy food mindset may say….

  • Food is fuel for my body.
  • Choosing healthy, nourishing foods shows the respect I have for my body.
  • Eating healthy foods, in the right amounts, provides my body with what it needs to thrive.
  • Food fuels my life purpose and gifts.
  • Eating healthy is an expression of self-love.
  • Healthy food gives me lasting vibrant energy.
  • Eating healthy is part of my lifestyle.
  • Food is medicine.
  • Healthy food is both nutritious and delicious.

Did you find one you like? Or maybe you created one of your own? It may be helpful to write out your new food mindset and post it somewhere (such as on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, at your desk, or in your car) as a reminder.