When your body speaks: Acne…

Break-outs. Acne. Irritation.  Embarrassment.  Disgust.  Panic. There is so much more going on beneath the surface of acne and break-out’s.

In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith shares a candid conversation her and Jenna Hillier have about their journey’s with acne.  They discuss the lessons, messages, perspectives, growth, and opportunities in having acne, or any skin issue.


What you will learn:

·    what common messages skin issues reveal

·    the opportunity for growth and loving in having acne

·    the brilliance of the body in getting your attention

·    how we are all human and in this life together

·    how your own love is the most powerful healer of all

Resources mentioned:

·    Self-care cards by Cheryl Richardson

·    When the Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro


Connect with Jenna at www.jennahillier.com



Why Your Relationship to Your Illness is the Cure

Are you struggling with chronic health issues?

Do you feel like you are going round and round and getting nowhere?

Are you sick and tired of having your body hold you back?

Then this is for YOU!

In this episode of Own Your Body ~ The Loving Path Series, I interview Jessica Flanigan, clinical nutritionist, spiritual counselor, and author of The Loving Diet on her revolutionary approach towards healing autoimmune disease.
Jessica shares her wisdom on:
  • how illness is a vehicle for transformation
  • why love is the most powerful medicine of all
  • the important role trust plays in the journey
  • what you can do now to find peace and joy in the face of disease.
This is a profound conversation!!