The Drama of Struggle

Whether the struggle be food, body, money, relationships…the drama of the struggle is draining.

See it, understand how the story was “serving you”, then drop it.

I had to spend almost a grand $ on my car this week. In the past. I would have gotten all upset, bent out of shape over it, and thrown myself a pity party.

This time, no. I decided to not let it gut me, throw me off. Wasting my energy there would be disempowering.

Instead, I had no major reaction. I accepted it, took care of it, and moving on. And that feels good.

Often times the drama of struggle is part of our comfort zone.  It is what we know and we become attached to it.  We don’t want it, we say, yet we find it is always showing up.

We have to realize we are creating it.  We buy into it.  It serves us in some way.

Maybe we are afraid to change? What would happen if we let it go?  What do you use the struggle as an excuse for?

How would we have to show up in life differently without it? What is the story you tell yourself around struggle?

Under the story are your beliefs about yourself, other people, and life. Get clear on what they are.  Make a commitment to change the disempowering ones.  Your life will improve when you do.

And the day came when she realized

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