The power of your beliefs about food


What you think and feel about what you eat is just as important as the quality and nutritional value of the food eaten. Our bodies respond instantly to our emotions and thoughts.

When we experience guilt, shame, and stress over what we eat,  our body’s response to the food is negatively impacted.  Digestion, metabolism, and hormonal balance are all thrown off when the body is under stress.  The source of stress can simply be the thoughts and judgments we have about what we are eating.

What thoughts do you have about what you eat?

Have you ever wondered why there are thin people that eat whatever they want yet are lean and happy? They are healthy and vibrant without any stress about what they put in their mouths. Could it be the power of their beliefs?

I believe the stress and mental battle over eating “too much” or eating “badly” can be far more damaging than the food itself.  All the rules, restrictions, and judgments we have around food is really a main reason the scale won’t budge.

What would it look like to see food in a new way? How would your body respond if you created a new way of relating to food?



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