“The Weighting Game” (part 1)

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Take-away’s from the book, “Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards”.

I love this book on emotional eating and body image.  It is a deep dive into the real issues hiding behind emotional eating and the struggle with your body. I have pages and pages of amazing truths from this book. There are a small selection below.

  • You have the idea that if you change your appearance your problems will all go away. You blame every issue you have on not having a good enough body. Truth – your body is not the real problem.
  • Compulsive eating is a three-fold problem – physical, emotional, spiritual.
  • Key step is creating self-awareness. Which of my needs isn’t being met?
  • Self-sabotage – happens at the point at which you think major change in your life will occur and fear wins. You choose safety. Look at the consequences of reaching a goal or making a change in your life.  What fears and/or negative consequences come up?
  • Shifting from the self-punishment and self-criticism to self-acceptance and self-care is critical for finding peace.

  • Ending cravings means balancing dopamine and serotonin, aka REDUCE and MANAGE STRESS is #1.
  • Dieting is a cause of stress. Hunger from dieting, deprivation, and mental/emotional consequences of dieting cause stress on the body. This leads to living in survival. The body can only stay there for so long and so, you blow the diet and often end up binging.
  • Humans have an aversion to all types of pain. We believe in immediate relief and gratification. Food is a band-aide. Society supports living in denial, tuning out, avoiding, self-medicating.
  • Most people with food obsession seek relaxation or fantasy (numb out). Which feeling are you going for when you overeat?
  • Change occurs in acceptance, NOT judgment. When you hate your issues and hate yourself for having it, you will punish yourself, probably with food.

For more truths in understanding your journey with food and your body, look for “The Weighting Game” (part 2).

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