Why you are not healing from autoimmune disease

You are doing the “right” diet, taking all the supplements, seeing various doctors/practitioners, doing your research, and so on.  You are checking off the boxes on the healing to-do list.

BUT…You still feel like crap.  You are not getting better.  Your symptoms persist.

Maybe you are missing the magic supplement? or just need to do one more test?  or maybe the next practitioner holds the key?

Or maybe not.  Maybe there is something else you are not looking at.  Could the answer be within you?  Could your healing be stalled by what is going on in your inner world?

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”

Your mind is powerful.  Your emotions are powerful.  Your illness is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, your body, others, and life. And it is not your fault.  It is here for you.  It is an opportunity for growth and healing – on all levels.

The immune system is your protector.  It filters and discerns that which is beneficial, as well as what is harmful, coming in from the external world. Your immune system does its very best at maintaining harmony.  When it becomes overwhelmed by excessive external substances, it can get pushed too far.  This leads to dysfunction.

There are many sources of toxins your body has to deal with our in the world; chemicals in food, water, and the air, various viruses, bacterial, parasites and other infections. What is so often overlooked, is the impact of emotional and mental toxins.

Negative self-talk, suppressed emotion, low self-esteem, self-doubt, and judgement all greatly impact the function of the immune system.  Perhaps in the most powerful way of all.

The state of one’s emotional/mental wellness can be the final straw that tips the immune system into a place of depletion and dysfunction.

When it comes to autoimmune illness, here are some of the common inner themes at play:

  • how are you being an enemy to yourself
  • what conflict is present within you
  • how much do you allow others to influence you
  • where are you denying your own thoughts and feelings
  • are you putting others needs before your own
  • in what ways do you give your power away to others
  • are you super critical of yourself
  • how is your ability to discern
  • what emotions from the past are you suppressing

These are not light topics by any means.  It takes great courage and honesty to really look and discover what is there for you around these topics.

If it is an excessive emotional burden that activates autoimmune, can doing the emotional healing work restore harmony in the body’s natural immune function? It is something to consider.  It could be the missing piece to your healing.

Please note, I am fully in support of addressing all things physically as well.  Nutrition.  Supplement protocols.  Functional lab testing.  Lifestyle habits.  Sleep. Detox support. I 100% support.   Just don’t overlook the heart of the matter.

Do it all.  And remember this – what is more important than what you do, is how you do it. Love yourself through the journey.  There is no right/wrong, good/bad, success/failure. Continually ask yourself, where and how can I be loving to myself during this?  Hold that question on your heart and make your heart’s guidance a foundation of your healing.

So much Love <3

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