Work with Me

Do you feel you never have time for yourself? 

Are you always putting everyone else’s needs before your own? 

Do you feel there is something missing from life and you are searching for more?


Are you wanting to…

Feel comfortable and at home in your body?

Experience more peace, ease and presence in life?


My Body, a Love Story: a 3-month path to feeling at present in your body, confident in the world and excited about your life!

What You Get:

·  Customized content including personal growth lessons, nutrition and health information, self-discovery tools, embodiment exercises, and EFT Tapping to help you:

  • find self-acceptance and improve your self-esteem
  • tap and step into your personal power
  • cultivate trust and connection with yourself and your body
  • enhance your overall emotional well-being and resilience
  • understand your cravings and health concerns in an empowering way
  • find your authentic self-expression and confident presence
  • awaken the self-healer within
  • create a self-care & nourishment plan (mind, body, spirit) that keeps your cup full

·         Initial consult, 60-minutes

·         Six 75-minute bi-weekly private coaching virtual sessions (or three 60-minute sessions per month)

·         Email support and check-in’s between coaching sessions

·         Bonus material & resources

·         My wholehearted commitment to your growth and progress


As a client of mine, you will…

·         Gradually implement new habits and self-care to create a healthy and happy you.

·         Elevate your energy level and feel confident in your body.

·         Learn to set boundaries that honor yourself.

·         Experience the magic of “being” instead of constantly “doing”.

·         Establish trust in your body’s needs and messages.

·         Have a safe place to be seen, heard and honored.

·         Uncover and release the beliefs, patterns and stories that are holding you back.

·         Grow personally in a way that is empowering and exciting.

·         Create a loving relationship with yourself, your body, and others.

·         Implement a way of living that works for you and nourishes your whole self.

·         Discover the courage and inspiration to create the life you truly deserve.

Health Consultation:  are you confused, overwhelmed and lost with where to go to heal your body? 

Are you lost in the weeds with your diet, supplements, doctor, treatments?
Contact me for a 60-minute health consultation at 

Schedule a call with me to see if you are a good fit by emailing I am ready when you are! =)

Start with my 5 Ways to Be Free From Your Food Cravings! Talk to you soon.

Turn your frustration into insight, helplessness into momentum, and hopelessness in empowerment.