Your Body is not the Problem.


Often times we use our bodies as an excuse to not go for what we want.

Why is that?

Well, because what we want…our dreams, are scary.  It is risky to take action towards what our heart desires. The dream career.  The dream home.  True love.  It means change.  It means being vulnerable.  It means risking failure, rejection, and disappointment. That holds us back.  We use the weight as the reason we can’t take action.

Have you ever said or thought….”Once I lose this extra weight, I will …. ” or “If I had a better body, I would …”

What if your body wasn’t the real issue?  What if it was really your fears and beliefs about what could happen if you took action towards your dreams?  Could your body, or the weight, really just be an excuse, a distraction?


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